Founder: Ryan Odenbrett

Ryan Odenbrett moved to Virginia to get his Master of Letters and Master of Fine Arts from Mary Baldwin University in Shakespeare and Performance. After three years of graduate school and two masters degrees later, Ryan stuck around the Shenandoah Valley for the beauty of the mountains and the friendships he had made. Now in the Blue Ridge Mountains, he was able to adapt his already robust skills to a different environment, an exciting deer population, and to learn about new prey that he’d never hunted before.

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Team Member: Kyle Butler

Kyle Butler is a born and bred Virginia based hunter. In 2013, he followed his girlfriend of the time (now wife), Adrienne, to Staunton, VA. When he isn’t in the woods, Kyle is a loving husband with a full plate at home. Having a new house, two dogs, and a different work schedule from his wife has inspired him to balance time-management when that itch hits every fall. He fell in love with the Blue Ridge Mountains and wants to hunt every inch of them.

Be sure to check out the individual blog posts for more details on each team member.


Team Member: Hunter Langston

Hunter is from Powhatan, VA and has been hunting deer, ducks, and turkey with his dad since he could walk. He switched to bow hunting at 12 and never looked back, and his Mathews quickly became his prized possession. Hunter moved to the Blue Ridge area to attend Bridgewater College as a full-time student in pursuit of his business degree. Thankfully, his cousin and AAH team-member, Kyle, lives just up the road in Staunton and introduced Hunter to the group.

When not hunting, Hunter enjoys spending time with his friends and his girlfriend, who supports his hunting addiction and school work. She’s definitely a keeper.

Be sure to check out the individual blog posts for more details on each team member.


Team Member: Shaina Riddle

Shaina is from Ludowici, Georgia, and grew up fishing with her father. She moved to Virginia to attend Mary Baldwin University, where she obtained her bachelors degrees in Sociology and Theatre. She stayed in Virginia for Ryan (founder of Average American Hunter), after quickly falling in love with him. She is excited to put down her first deer while in the stand with him this fall season.

Shaina is currently working as the graduate assistant for the Office of Inclusive Excellence at Mary Baldwin University while she is getting her Master’s in Business Administration.