Episode 1: The Pilot Episode

Welcome to the first episode of Average American Hunter-- where three guys from Virginia have developed a show to represent the "average" outdoorsmen of America. This episode starts with an introduction to the pro-staffers, followed by a early season hunt, and then a quick recipe. Stay tuned for more episodes to soon follow!

Episode 2: Virginia Deer Archery Opener

On this Episode of Average American Hunter-- Ryan discusses his main hunting ground, Archery Deer season starts up in Virginia, Ryan reviews EZ Cranford's Folding Tree Step, and Kyle discusses East vs. West Blue Ridge hunting with Hunter on the Podcast.

Episode 3: The Most Average Episode Yet

On this episode, we kick things off by introducing you to a 40 acre parcel of land that Kyle has permission to hunt before joining Hunter Langston for his first hunt of the 2018 Archery season. Then, we join up with Ryan and Kyle as they try to get it done in national forest before heading to the same aforementioned 40 acre parcel.

Episode 4: The Goal is to Film a Perfect Hunt

On this episode of Average American Hunter, we join Ryan for back to back mid-October hunts-- where Ryan tries to clean the team's 0-3 record. Then, Ryan reviews his first crossbow purchase: The Carbon Express Blade (Hunter's Package). After that, Kyle closes the show but not before showing you his Mama's unreal Stroganoff recipe!!!

Episode 5: Bowhunting with a Manga Artist

In this episode of Average American Hunter, Ryan takes a Manga Artist (new to hunting) on a Mid-October bow hunt. This episode is all about giving back to the youth and newcomers-- no reviews, no podcast highlights, no cooking experiments... ALL hunting.

Episode 6: It's Always Windy in October

On this episode, Ryan and Kyle set up for an eventful evening, Hunter hunts the Strawberry field on Kyle's Kill permit property, and we take a sneak peek at what Kyle has going on in the Average American Hunter Podcast studio-- as he interviews two Augusta County Competitive Archers: Shawn McMahon and Jake Leonard. With the boys getting into the middle of archery season, watch and see if any "October lull" tarnishes their season.

Episode 5: Closing the Distance by Staying Mobile

On this Episode of Average American Hunter, Ryan uses his proven "Run and Gun" set to help Hunter close 300 yards of distance on a mess of deer. Hunter is in the shooter's seat and using a crossbow for the first time in his life-- stay tuned and find out if Hunter can seal the deal on his first archery deer of 2018.

Episode 8: The October Lull and a Tactacam Review

In this episode, Ryan discusses the trials and tribulations of the 2018 Archery season at large due to the lack of acorns-- and how he adjusted by hunting of hay fields. Then, Ryan jumps up in the stand for a late October hunt. Lastly, Ryan reviews the Tactacam 3.0 and 5.0.

Episode 9: Ryan has to Grin and "Bear" It

On this Episode of Average American Hunter, Ryan discusses the way he uses a "pace and save" method and displays this method with a 2017 archery hunt. Then, he hits the same stand a year later with similar but not identical results. In short-- 2 hunts, 2 years, 2 shots, one stand. Enjoy this action packed and adequately deemed best episode yet!

Episode 10: Déjà Vu

On this episode of Average American Hunter, Ryan goes out to the same property a bear ate his Oct. 27th doe harvest and tries his luck in a different tree stand. Tune in and find out if Ryan is finally able to seal the deal on a perfect solo filmed hunt.

Episode 11: Same Spot, Different Luck

On this Episode of Average American Hunter, Ryan gears up for some late October action from one of his honey holes. This episode features two hunts in late October from 2017 and 2018 in the same spot-- each featuring a respectable buck and an arrow in flight!!

Episode 12: The Road to Recovery

On this Episode, Ryan has to come to terms with making a handful of beginner mistakes and move on to the opening of Muzzleloader season. Trying to laugh the pain away, Ryan roughs through a windy opening weekend hoping to harvest a large buck.

After the hunts, we take a peek at Episode 14 of the Average American Hunter Podcast-- where Kyle and Ryan record the Tribute to Going Down on Turkeys Part II (Redo).

Episode 13: Virginia Muzzle-loader Season (Part 1)

On the baker's dozenth episode of Average American Hunter, the boys embark on the first week of muzzleloader season with antlers in mind. Kyle and Hunter team up for a hunt on the kill permit property and encounter many weary does. The second part of the episode show's Ryan's November 5th and 6th hunts-- where he sets up on both private and public land.

Episode 14: The Funnel Stand

On this Episode of Average American Hunter, Ryan shows us his favorite deer stand and how it produced his best Virginia whitetail of the 2017 season. Then, we jump in the stand with Ryan and Hunter for the 2018 Virginia Muzzle-loader season.

Episode 15: 2018 Missouri Rifle Season

On this episode of Average American Hunter, Ryan and Josh head to Missouri for the 2018 Missouri Rifle opener. They are going to the grounds where Ryan harvested a 140" booner in 2017 and where his father harvested a 252" monster in 2010.

Episode 16: Ice Buck Challenge

On this Episode of Average American Hunter, Kyle braves the elements on an icy November day and tries his luck with a muzzleloader in hand. With terrible conditions, Kyle walks away with a with one buck tag on this Ice Buck Challenge. Then, Ryan shows viewers a rattling trick that has helped him draw in many a bucks-- be it in the treestand or on the ground.

Episode 18: Dazed in November

On this episode of Average American Hunter, Ryan goes all out for a week straight trying to fill a buck tag. He hammers his best spots trying to get the job done for the 2018 season. With only 3 episodes left in the season, tune in and see if the right buck comes by Ryan's stand in the 2018 season.

Episode 19: Rockbridge Country Doe Day

On this episode of Average American Hunter, Ryan sets up for the Rockbridge County Doe Day with three main objectives: Harvest a buck (or on this day a doe), Film a "Perfect" Hunt, & Ensure my yearling deer made it through the day.

SPOILER ALERT: He manages 2 out of the 3.

Episode 20: The Season Finale

On this season ending episode of Average American Hunter, Ryan is in pursuit of a trophy buck to end the 2018 Virginia Deer Season. Tune in and find out what buck cruises by Ryan to give season one a fairy tale ending.